Saturday, 5 April 2014

Transformers GO! Samurai 06 Final

Looks like there was more Go! left to show. The final disk in this short series finishes the Samurai story and answers a few questions about last months Shinobi final episode. I hope you enjoyed the series and check back soon for more rare transformers media.

Transformers GO! Samurai 06 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Collection Update #3

Not much new this time just completing a few sets that I wanted to finish covering G1 up to GO!

First up the oldest G1 release in the UK:

Transformers The Original Series Vol 1-3 Sony Wonder UK
The first release of Transformers Season one on DVD in the UK. The 3 volumes are taken from broadcast masters and unlike most releases has the audio has not been remixed. The odd thing about these releases is the episodes are out of order.

Volume One
Fire on the Mountain
War of the Dinobots
The Ultimate Doom 1-3
Volume Two
More than Meets the Eye 1-3
Transport to Oblivion
Roll for it
Divide and Conquer
Volume Three
Fire in the Sky
SOS Dinobots
Countdown to Extinction
Plague of the Insecticons
Heavy Metal War

Next up is another copy of the movie:

Transformers The Movie PSP Metrodome UK
The first release of the movie on the PSP UMD format which is identical to the later release with just the movie and no special features. The funny thing is unlike alot of releases the UMD has the correct audio for Primes Gun.

Moving on to something a bit more recent:

Transformers Animated Vol 5, 8-10 Paramount JAP
After getting all the other volumes just to have the 3 episodes i was missing i decided to just finnish the set by getting the last 4 i needed. One thing to note about all the DVD's is that all the Autobotto family segments are not included.

Volume 5
17 Elite Guard
18 Headmaster, Once Again!
19 Blast-Extinguishing Complete!
20 Wreck-Gar's Rampage
21 Ratings Race!
Volume 8
30 Sari's Secret
31 Sari, Transform!?
32 Megatron's Raid
33 The Tough Dirt Boss 
Volume 9
34 Wasp's Revenge
35 Memento of the Master
36 Sorrowful Life-form
37 The Autobots Became Humans
Volume 10
38 The Virtual Reality Trap
39 Chase the Spaceship
40 Fanzone Goes to the Planet Cybertron
41 Take Off! Optimus Prime
42 The Final Decisive Battle! Suppress Megatron

We now move on to the last Prime disk i needed:

Transformers Prime Dawn of the Beast Shout Factory USA
The final compilation movie for Season 3 of Transformers Prime compiling the first 4 episodes into one 88 minute movie. Unlike all the previous movie releases this one was exclusive to Target in the USA.

Next up is the Possibly the final GO! Disks:

Transformers GO! Samurai Vol 5, Shinobi Vol 4 Takara JAP
While I think there are more releases to go for Samurai, vol 4 is the last volume for Shinobi. The Samurai volume has pretty much just the episode on the disk and videos for other japanese brands. The shinobi volume however has several small promo videos and diorama footage for Transformers along with the episode.

The final addition is one i've been after for a while:

Trasformers 2010 Genon Jap (reissue)
Transformers 2010 is the Japanese release of Transformers G1 season 3 containing 30 episodes over 5 DVD's. This set is a reissue of the disks released in the early 2000's unfortunately the final disk of the older set has been removed so there are no bonuses. The missing disk contained the Japanese Dub of the Rebirth along with the Transformers the Movie Trade Trailer and some commercials. I'd love to get this disk at some point but at the prices the original sets go for i think i'll pass for the moment. 

Thats all i have for just now if you have any questions about any of these releases leave a comment and i'll get back to you.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Transformers GO! Shinobi 04 Final

The final episode of the Japan only series Transformers GO! released with Issues of the TV Kun and Telebi Magazine. This final episode has both Samurai and Shinobi teams along with Optimus EX-Prime battling to save the world from Dragotron who plans to use the Legendisks to reshape the planet into a Cybertron like world.

Transformers Go! Shinobi 04: Final Battle! Link-Up Triple Combination DaiGekisou!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Collection Update #2

It's been a few months since i've updated the collection with my latest additions and since last time i have added several common items and a few rare gems that i got for a steal. As before i will be listing details of the special features and episodes:

The first up is:

Transformers Beast Wars and Beast Wars Metals Pioneer DVD JAP

In Japan Transformers Beast Wars had to be split into 2 seperate series as all the episodes where not ready at the time. Between the airing of Beast Wars(season 1) and Beast Wars Metals(season 2-3) the Japanese showed Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo to fill the gap while they waited for more episodes of Beast Wars season 2-3.

Transformers Beast Wars Pioneer JAP
This set contains all 26 eps of season 1 of the US Beast Wars over 5 DVD. The episodes have the Japanese and English audio tracks.
34 page Booklet with episode guide,character profiles and special weapon guide
TV Commecial footage

Transformers Beast Wars Meals Box 1 Pioneer JAP
Box 1 contains episodes 1-12 of the series with both Japanese and English audio over 3 DVD.
Clean opening
TV Commercials
TV Spots

Transformers Beast Wars Metals Box 2 Pioneer JAP

Box 2 contains episodes 13-26 of the series with the Japanese and English audio over 4 DVD. The only episodes that don't have the English audio are episodes 14 "Where Is the Banana?"and 26 "Remix: I Lost the Banana!"which where clip shows made especially for Japan. The 2 clip shows where added to replace the episodes "Bad Spark" and "Cutting Edge" which where show as part of 2 compalation movies Transformers Beast Wars Special (Bad Spark) and 1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair (Cutting Edge). At the moment in Japan there has been no DVD release of "Cutting Edge" but "Bad Spark" can be found on the Beast Wars Special DVD.
Clean opening 2
TV Spots

The Next item i have to show you is a bit more recent:

Transformers Animated Vol 6 & Vol 7 Paramount JAP
I picked up these 2 volumes to complete my episodes collection for the Japanese version of Animated as both these volumes have episodes not shown on TV in its original run in Japan.

Volume 6 has the episodes
22 Scrapper and Mixmaster (unaired)
23 Increasing Enemies
24 Swindle's Scheme
25 Double Agent
Blitzwing Trading Card
Animated Scoop DVD video

Volume 7 has the episodes
26 Heart of the Spider-Woman
27 House-sitter Sari (unaired)
28 Respective Expectations
29 The Enormous Power
Starscream Trading Card

Next up is the latest volume in the Rescue Bots series

Transformers Rescue Bots Griffin Rock Rescue Shout Factory! DVD
The 3rd volume released by shout has another change in box art layout making it seem that its just a random collection of episode but it continues the series where the last volume "Energize" left of containing episodes
12 The Other Doctor
13 The Reign of Morocco
14 Small Blessings
15 The Griffin Rock Triangle
16  Rules and Regulations

The next 2 additons complete my Transformers Prime Collection

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Season 3 and Predacons Rising Shout Factory! BLURAY
Season 3 is spread over 2 Bluray disks and has all 13 episodes of the series.
Audio Commentarys
SDCC 2013 Transformers Prime panel

The Predacons Rising movie set has both a Bluray and DVD version included.
A look behind the scenes of Predacons Rising

Last up this time is the latest addition the Transformers Go! series

Transformers Go! Shinobi Vol 2-3, Samurai Vol 3-4, DVD Special Takara JAP
Shinobi Vol 2-3
Each disk focuses on Transformers Go mainly but both disks have adverts and promos other brands.
Samurai Vol 3-4
Like the shinobi disks each disk has several promo videos for other Japanes Toy brands along with the episodes of Transformers Go. 
DVD Special
This DVD special contains a short recap of the entire series up to this point along with a series character guide and toy transformation guide.

Thats all the latest additions i have this time hopefully this year will be as good as the last and i will have more to show you soon.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Transformers Generation 2 S1

Transformers Generation 2 (1994-1995) was a re-release of the original 80s Transformers series with new 3D animated transitions and credits. Below you will find links to the complete first season, i'm trying out a new file host so if there's any problems let me know in the coments.
Now sit back and enjoy
"The computer enhanced stories of the Transformers, Transformers Generation 2!"

Monday, 13 January 2014

Transformers The Movie UK Press Kit

The last Press kit I currently have is the UK Transformers The Move kit. This kit has been pieced together from multiple auctions and although the screens shots are nothing special the cover has some fun information about the production.


The Cover is alot cheaper than the US one featuing a red and yellow colour graphic of the UK movie poster artwork on thin gloss paper.


On the left hand side there is a brief breakdown of the whole movie from start to finish. While the right side has a cast and crew list for the movie.


The back cover features notes about the series and details about the production of the movie.

The kits usually contain a couple of screen shots from the movie in either black and white or full colour. I have managed to get nearly all the photos given out with the sets but im always on the look out for more.
Colour Photos

Black and White Photos