Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Collection Update #11

Wow it's nearly half a year since my last update. This time i have items from the beginning of G1 to the Latest series Transformers Robots in Disguise including 3 complete seasons and one very rare VHS tape.

First up is where it all began

Transformers Vol 1, 4-9 & 12 US
Picked these up in a lot of tapes to get one in particular but im happy i did get them. These are the American vhs tapes for G1. Each video has a small comic strip on the back acting as a story blurb for the episode included. As can be seen there are 3 few different versions of the tapes with the larger ones being the oldest, smaller coloured ones being the second edition and the grey ones being the 3rd release. I'm tempted to try and get the big box versions for the collection as they are so much cooler than the uk versions.

From L-R: Japan, US, UK Versions of the G1 Pilot

Next up is another version of the G1 movie

Transformers The Movie FHE US
 Another version of the Transformers The Movie on VHS but this one is the very first Version of the Movie released to the home market.

From L-R: Japan, US, UK Versions of Transformers The Movie

Up next is one of the rarest US released Transformers VHS

Transformers Jaws of Terror/Slaves of the Insecticons US
This is the very rare Kid Stuff Transformers Educational VHS tape containing the stories Jaws of Terror and Slaves of the Insecticons along with Vocabulary tests and quizzes for the stories. As this is Very Rare it has been captured and added to the Youtube Channel for all to see.

Kid Stuff Transformers VHS Tapes

Moving away now to more modern fare

Transformers Rescue Bots Season 1 AUS
Unlike Shout Factory, Austrailian Company Beyond Entertainment is releasing the series in order with season one coming on 5 DVDs.

Transfomrers Rescue Bots Season 2 AUS
Beyond Entertainment continued with season 2 over 4 DVDs. Why can't Shout do season sets for this show? Heres hoping Beyond continue with season 3.

we now move on to more Austrailian Goodness

Transformers RID season 1 AUS
 Another Beyond release Transformers RID season 1 over 4 DVDs unfortunately just as i got this set Shout Factory decided to release season 1 in the US with special features so i will prob upgrade in the future.

Last up today are some more Promo DVDs for Adventure

Transformers Adventure Promo 3 JP
Almost identical to the previous 2 Promo DVD but it includes a different Episode on the disk.

TV Kun March 2016 DVD JP
Along with other promos the DVD contains the final scenes from season one of Adventure to promote the Release of season 2 titled Transformers Adventure -Prime of Micron-

Thats all i have for this update hopefully it wont be as long a wait till the next one.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Transformers Legends of the Microns Promo 2

"The Coming of Unicron"
The Second promo for the Transformers Legends of the Microns series given away free with copies of TV Magazine. The promo covers the return of the monster planet Unicron at the latter part of the series. This is a new capture of the VHS tape using a more modern setup to get the best picture i can.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Transformers Legends of the Microns Promo 1

"The Mightiest Robot Army Initiates Operation Landing"
The first promo for the Transformers Legends of the Microns series given away free with copies of TV Magazine. The promo covers the initial characters and toys released for the series. This is a new capture of the VHS tape using a more modern setup to get the best picture i can.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Beast Wars Cybertron Corps Encyclopedia

The Transformers Cybertron Corps encyclopedia is the companion VHS tape to the Destron version. This tape features an encyclopedia for the Cyberton characters in Beast Wars covering their weapons and abilities. As i was reupping the Destron tape i decided to share the other one as well.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Beast Wars Destron Corps Encyclopedia Re-Up

The Transformers Destron Corps encyclopedia is one of 2 VHS tapes released as encyclopedia for the  characters in Beast Wars. This tape covers the Destron/Predacon Teams weapons and stats. This is a new capture which fixes the errors in the first version.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Transformers Jaws of Terror / Slave of the Insecticons

I have been after this video for a long time and i was recently able to get a copy in a lot on ebay. This video is the second of the kid stuff Transformers Storybook videotapes. This video features the stories Jaws of Terror and the Slaves of the Insecticons along with a quiz about the stories and dictionary definitions of difficult(for a child) words used in the story. So if you are ready for flying dinosaurs, dinobot cocoons and Bumblebee cosplaying as Hubcap give it a watch.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Abandoned Project TFTMJP

Abandoned TFRaw Project
(Very Early draft English sub of the first 20 mins of the Japnese Dub of Transformers The Movie)

A long time ago i came across a multi language chinese copy of Transformers the movie online. Included in the video was a chinese sub track for the Japanese dub of the movie. Using online translation tools and my basic knowledge of Japanese i have tried translating this track but i cant find time to finish it. This is as far as i got with the translation before i gave up. As this is machine translated from Chinese the translation is very rough but you get the gist of whats going on. If i had completed the sub it would of been QC'd and translation checked but this is as far as i got.