Wednesday, 27 August 2014

1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair (Complete)

The 1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair was a Movie anthology released in Japan. The Anthology consisted of 3 short films (30 mins each) of different toy franchises which Toei was either part of the production or in Beast Wars Metals case the distributor. The Anthology featured films for Super Doll Licca-Chan, Tiny Giant Microman and Transformers Beast Wars Metals. The Transformers Beast Wars Metals Film 'Convoy's Great Transformation' is the Japanese version of the US Episode 'Cutting Edge' with a short introduction to the Beast Wars Metals Characters and the introduction of Optimal Optimus from the episode 'Optimal Situation'. As this episode was released in cinemas it was not included in the Beast Wars Metals box set with its place taken by the clip show 'Remix: I Lost the Banana!'. Below you will find a new capture of the Transformers Beast Wars Metals part of the anthology along with the 2 other Short Films 'Licca-Chan' subtitiled and 'Microman' Raw Japanese.

My thanks to Micro-RAWs for Microman and Licca blog for Super Doll Licca-Chan.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Transformers Headmasters Pilot

After the American G1 series ended the Japanese production companies involved with Transformers decided to continue to make new shows the first of which was Headmasters. This short pilot was created to sell the series to TV stations in the hope of creating a full series. The episode itself is a shorter version of Four warriors come from the Sky with only minor differences. I'm not sure if it ever was shown or released prior to its inclusion in the Transformers SuperGod Masterforce DVD-Box 1.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Transformers Masterforce Clip Show "The Secret of Godbomber!"

Like Victory, SuperGod Masterforce also had several clip shows released after the show had ended on TV. Unfortunately these shows are very hard to find and as far as i know they have not been released on DVD. This episode is one of only 2 I know of that exist online hopefully soon i will know for sure if the episodes are on DVD in Japan.

Transformers Victory Clip Shows

Like most Japanese Transformers series, Transformers Victory had several clip shows during its run on TV. However after the show ended six more clip shows where created and released on VHS tapes. Of the six availible only 5 where on the Japanese release of Victory on DVD. Below you will find downloads for the 5 clip shows minus the missing episode "39 Radiant! Victorious Planet"

Monday, 28 July 2014

Transformers: Heroic Legend

Transformers Heroic Legend was a Laserdisc Promo released at the end of the Transformers Headmasters. The disc contained 3 episodes covering the major plots of the previous 3 series in Japan (Fight super robot life Transformers,Transformers 2010 and Transformers Headmasters). The original Laserdisc is impossible to find but the specials have been released twice on DVD. The first release was as a bonus in the Transformers Headmasters DVD Box set in Japan, the most recent release was as a bonus disk with pre orders of the Transformers G1 PS2 game in Japan. This bonus disk titled "Matrix Disk 01" not only contained the 3 specials but also the other contents of the Laserdisc and a bonus E3 trailer for the game.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Collection Update #4

Got a couple of strange items this time which you dont come across alot plus the most recent disks in the Go! and rescue bots series. Also if you haven't checked it out yet Karyuudo Fansubs has released all 39 episodes of Transformers Car Robots subbed in English, you can find a torrent link on his site plus an extra torrent of bonus files from my collection including the Kiss players 15 Go, Go Manga collection and model sheets.

First up today the real final disk of GO! 
Transformers GO! Samurai Vol 6, Encyclopedia Takara Jap
The Final Go! Episode Disk has a couple of transformers related videos along with the episode itself. These include a Japanese trailer for Age of Extinction and a diorama story. The gold disk was sold at hobby stores in Japan as a promo for the series and contains a encyclopedia rundown of the Go! characters and attacks.

Continuing with more recent releases:

Transformers Rescue Bots: Heros on the Scene Shout Factory USA
Another collection of episodes of Rescue Bots, I really wish that shout would do a whole set rather than a tiny bit at a time. Nothing special on the disks just a few more episodes of season 1.

Next up is something you dont usually see on the open market.

Transformers Takara Headmasters "Check Disk" Metrodome UK
Found this strange item on ebay a month or 2 back, a set of check disks for Metrodomes release of Headmasters in the UK. From my research into disks like this, I think these may be production samples provided by the mastering house Technicolor for approval and testing by Metrodome. I havent checked all episodes but from the first few i have seen no difference between the released version and the check disks. 

Transformers The Movie (Reconstructed) "Check Disk" Metrodome UK
Got this disk from the same auction as above. The disk contains the Uk Reconstructed version of the movie with the strange open matting. Not had time to look closer to see if there's any differences to what was released at retail.

Lastly we have something a bit different

Transformers Stickers Yamakatsu Jap
Found these randomly from a UK card seller on ebay. In total he had 6 packs each containing 3 stickers. Each pack is in a card envelope sealed with 2 staples unlike UK sticker packs of the time which used thin paper packets.

All 6 of the packets I have use the same art on the back and front of megatron and starscream. while these are all i have at the moment, i have seen images of a Autobot variant of the sticker packets.

The image on the packet wraps around and only includes the Takara-NTV copywrite and a small Yamakatsu logo also strangely no barcode.

The stickers seem a bit limited in the characters used as in 6 packs i got at least 1 megatron per pack. The stickers look like a mix between shots from the show or just random colours. Quality wise these are really high quality with very clean images of the characters.

On the back of each sticker is its number along with some text i haven't been able to translate. The thing I like most about these stickers is that it has a cut in the paper to allow for easy peeling of the sticker, used to have a nightmare as a kid tring to get the stickers off the paper.

Thats all i have this time as always if you you want any more info on any of these additions leave a comment also if you want to see the Transformers GO! Encyclopedia is now availible on my youtube channel

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Transformers GO! Samurai 06 Final

Looks like there was more Go! left to show. The final disk in this short series finishes the Samurai story and answers a few questions about last months Shinobi final episode. I hope you enjoyed the series and check back soon for more rare transformers media.

Transformers GO! Samurai 06