Friday, 26 September 2014

Transformers Beast Wars Quiz Encyclopedia

Can you guess them all? This VHS tape contains a Quiz hosted by Optimus Primal where he tasks the viewer to guess the characters in the Beast Wars from scambled pictures as an extra bonus the tape also includes a karaoke video for the opening and ending of the series. 
(youtube version removed due to copywrite claim :( so heres a DDL version)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Transformers Beast Wars II Hero Show

Found something really odd today. A Transformers Beast Wars II stage show. It appears to be a classroom show for school kids and features the voice cast and music from the series. The show features live action actors in costume for Lio Convoy, Apache, Galvatron and some extra bad guy characters. I'm not too sure of the plot but I think its a unique story.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Collection Update #5

Ebay has been a bit dry this month when it comes to transformers multimedia however i have recently started using yahoo auctions Japan and i have managed to get quite a bit from overseas including a very rare and expensive DVD set.

First up is something i picked up cheap to use at work.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen USB
Nothing too special with this one, haven't even installed the software but the usb is pretty robust and will come in handy at work. the usb comes in a foam lined tray with the code to unlock the video on a oversized sim card looking piece of plastic.

Next up is something that should have come out a long time ago

Transformers Animated Complete Collection DVD Shout Factory USA
Shout Factory have finally released a complete series set of this great show. All 3 seasons are included in widescreen along with audio commentairies on select episodes. While i am very happy with this release i feel more could have been included as extra features to make double dipping for seasons one and two more worth while.

Next up is the first of several Japanese items i was able to get from yahoo.jp

Beast Wars Metals Movie 'Convoy's Great Transformation' VHS Pioneer JP
This VHS tape contains the Japanese version of the Beast Wars Episode 'Cutting Edge' and is the only way to get the episode in Japan. This particular episode was selected along with 2 other Toei properties to be part of the anthology Film '1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair' and as such was left off the DVD release of Beast wars Metals. The tape itself contains the episode in Japanese along with promos for the VHS releases of the other 2 films Superdoll Licca Chan and Microman.

For the next item we return to GO!

Transformers Go Sword-Bot Sanjo! Special DVD
More of the same stuff thats usually on GO! DVD's. Transformation guides, Trailers and promos for other Transformers brands (GT and Be-cool).

The next item i have is the newest item in the list today

Transformers Lost Age Promo DVD
This Promo DVD was first given out at the Transformers 30 Years Expo in Japan. The dvd includes the movie trailer, character and toy guide, 30th Anniversary history video, G1 episode 'Atlantis Arise' and the Easy Transformers music video.

The next item is another Lost Age promo
Televi-Kun DVD 09/14
This months Televi-Kun DVD features several of the same videos as the Lost Age Promo above but in addition it also includes Theatrical trailers for all the Live Action Movies.
The next set of items I got as a bundle and still need to go through
Misc Promo DVD 2004-2011
I won a collection of 9 cover mount DVD's from yahoo Japan out of the 9, 2 i already have and the other 2 have no Transformers videos but the other 5 have videos and promos from Beast Wars all the way to Dark of the Moon. I plan on going into more detail of all the promo DVDs i own in a seperate section at a later date once i have translated the names of the promos included.

The final item today is one i never thought i would ever get
Transformers Super-God Masterforce DVD Box 2 Pioneer JP
This set was released as a limited edition in the early 2000's and usually goes for a pretty penny online. The set covers episode 25-42 of Masterforce along with 2 of the 5 clip shows from the series. Out of the 5 only 43 'Fight!! Super Ginrai' and 44 'Begin the Bomber Project! The Creation of God Ginrai'. The set is spread over 4 DVD's and includes a 24 page booklet.
 Each DVD case has beautiful box art of the Autobot Godmasters and God Ginrai and the Decepticon Headmaster Jr's and Overlord. Each box has 2 DVD's each.
 The booklet features the same artwork as the Box cover with a battle in progress in space.

On the back of the booklet is the artwork from the first Box featuring Ginrai surrounded by all the human characters from the series.

The booklet has 24 pages of Model designs for Masterforce which are a mix of designs from the show models and magazine pages covering all the characters in the show. The final pages include an episode guide and production notes.

Thats all for now but i should have more when i get back from vacation.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair (Complete)

The 1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair was a Movie anthology released in Japan. The Anthology consisted of 3 short films (30 mins each) of different toy franchises which Toei was either part of the production or in Beast Wars Metals case the distributor. The Anthology featured films for Super Doll Licca-Chan, Tiny Giant Microman and Transformers Beast Wars Metals. The Transformers Beast Wars Metals Film 'Convoy's Great Transformation' is the Japanese version of the US Episode 'Cutting Edge' with a short introduction to the Beast Wars Metals Characters and the introduction of Optimal Optimus from the episode 'Optimal Situation'. As this episode was released in cinemas it was not included in the Beast Wars Metals box set with its place taken by the clip show 'Remix: I Lost the Banana!'. Below you will find a new capture of the Transformers Beast Wars Metals part of the anthology along with the 2 other Short Films 'Licca-Chan' subtitiled and 'Microman' Raw Japanese.

My thanks to Micro-RAWs for Microman and Licca blog for Super Doll Licca-Chan.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Transformers Headmasters Pilot

After the American G1 series ended the Japanese production companies involved with Transformers decided to continue to make new shows the first of which was Headmasters. This short pilot was created to sell the series to TV stations in the hope of creating a full series. The episode itself is a shorter version of Four warriors come from the Sky with only minor differences. I'm not sure if it ever was shown or released prior to its inclusion in the Transformers SuperGod Masterforce DVD-Box 1.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Transformers Masterforce Clip Show "The Secret of Godbomber!"

Like Victory, SuperGod Masterforce also had several clip shows released after the show had ended on TV. Unfortunately these shows are very hard to find and as far as i know they have not been released on DVD. This episode is one of only 2 I know of that exist online hopefully soon i will know for sure if the episodes are on DVD in Japan.

Transformers Victory Clip Shows

Like most Japanese Transformers series, Transformers Victory had several clip shows during its run on TV. However after the show ended six more clip shows where created and released on VHS tapes. Of the six availible only 5 where on the Japanese release of Victory on DVD. Below you will find downloads for the 5 clip shows minus the missing episode "39 Radiant! Victorious Planet"