Sunday, 9 August 2015

Beast Wars Metals Pre-release Secret Video

Beast Wars Metals Pre-release Secret Video:
"The mystery of Metals Birth Revealed!!"

This special promo was aired prior to the premiere of the series on TV. The promo is split into 3 segments the first showing the final moments of beast wars to get the viewers up to speed, the second is a look at the new forms the characters are taking in the show The final part introduces the new products coming soon to toy stores. Each part ha its own title which i have listed in the contents below:
1. Series 1 The exciting Final scene
2. The secret of Metals birth
3. Product introduction "This is B.W Metals Rumors!!"

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Q-Transformers Alternate intro

I recently came across this alternate version of the opening to Q-Transformers which has different animations and feels a bit brighter than the version used for the show.

Optimus Prime TAV21 Closer Look

A closer look at the new Optimus Prime Toy which will be released next month.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Transformers Battle Universe Intro

Transformers Battle Universe was a fighting game released on PC through a special controller called a NetJet. The Netjet unfortunately needed to connect to a server to download and authorize each game to the controller and since it was a massive failure the servers are long gone. Luckilly I kept a copy of the folder the game was installed to and it still works even with out the server connection.

Transformers Adventure Optimus Prime Toy AD

 Came across this new toy advert for the upcoming Japanese release of 
Transformers Adventure Optimus Prime. More updates are on the way soon.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Victory Promo Fight! Star Saber!

Released as part of the Takara Video Collection this promo features a rundown of all the characters featured in the Transformers Victory series  including later additions like Victory Leo. The promo is titled Fight! Star Saber! and is fairly long at 30 minutes. The promo can be viewed and downloaded below:

Masterforce Promo Fight! Super Ginrai!

The first promo released in the Takara Video Collection Series for Transformers SuperGod Masterforce features a rundown of the basic plot of the show and a brief look at the characters in the series. The Promo is titled "Fight! Super Ginrai! and is  fairly short at ten minutes. The video can be viewed and downloaded below: