Transformers Episodes and OVA

In this section you will find downloads for rare and hard to find episodes from all eras of Transformers that i have managed to collect over the years from both English and Japanese regions.


Transformers G1 Season 5
Transformers Generation 2 Season 1
Transformers Generation 2 Season 2
Transformers Heroic Legend
Transformers Adventure
Transformers Adventure Prime of Micron

Single Episode / OVA

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers Pilot
1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair

Clip Shows


Transfomrers Beast Wars Quiz Encyclopedia



  1. good job for your blog ^^, do you have transformers go samurai episode 1 ?

    1. I have it but the version i had on youtube was one i machine translated and since it has proper translations i deleted it. i have been meaning to reupload it as its the only one im missing from the set on youtube.

  2. Is there any chance of you eventually sharing Beast Wars Diorama story form Beast Wars Telemocha DVDs? Or are they not a part of your collection?