OVA/Movie/Single Episode
Fight! Super Robot Lifeform 
Transformers Pilot
Transformers Heroic Legend OVA
Transformers Scramble City Mobilization
 (VHS Version) 
Transformers Scramble City 
(Toy Version)
Transformers Robotmasters 01
"Fight! The Group of the

 Strongest Commanders!"
Transformers Robotmasters 02
"The Lio Convoy Typhoon" Enters"

Go-Bots 01 
"Typhoon Twister"
Go-Bots 02 
"Arctic Oil Spill"
1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair
Transformers Armada Premier Movie
Transformers Robots In Disguise 
Minicon Special

OVA/Movie/Single Episode
Transformers G1 Season 5
Transformers Beast Wars Diorama Story
Transformers Generation 2 Season 1
Transformers Generation 2 Season 2
Transformers Adventure
Transformers Adventure Prime of Micron

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