Saturday, 19 November 2016

Collection Update #12

Its been a quiet summer for transformers media but what i have managed to find is quite special. The items i have found this time come from G1 all the way to Prime of Micron.

First up this time is a item from the Live action movie

Transformers Cinema Roadshow Promo
 This promo DVD looks very similar to another Cinema promo i picked up. This promo only contains a 2 minute trailer for the 1st Live action move unlike the other one which also had a director promo.

Next up we have another Q-Transformers DVD

Q-Transformers Anime Broadcasting 1st Anniversary Special Event DVD
This is an odd one, this dvd set contains a live show for Q-Transformers featuring the cast of the show. This isn't a play though its contains 2 live script readings or the show and a few Q and A segments with the cast to celebrate the anniversary of the shows 1st airing.

Moving on to more promo DVD's

Takara Special DVD
This promo DVD was released in hobby stores to promote the summers hot properties from takara. This dvd features promo videos for Prime of Micron which i have already uploaded to the youtube channel.

Next up is another similar promo 

TV magazine Fall Promo DVD
This promo DVD contained the same content of the Takara DVD along with a few more promos for non takara properties.

Up next another Copy of the 86 movie

Transformers The Movie English Audio/Japanese Subtitles
For several years i thought this was a rental copy of the movie in japan but it is infact a Japanese subtitled version of the US English audio version of the movie.

last 3 items are really rare

Transformers Scramble City:Mobilization VHS/Betamax
I was very lucky to find a lot with both the Vhs and Betamax tape versions of Scamble city. While the video itself is virtually identical to the version on the DVDs it does have a few differences. If you want to watch it i have uploaded a copy to the youtube channel the main differences are the logo flips and the colours looking alot less washed out than the DVD.

Last up today is another rare VHS from Japan
Transformers Heroic Legend VHS
This Promo was released just before the airing of Super God Masterforce series and contains 3 promo episodes covering the 3 previous series fight!,2010 and Headmasters going over the main plots and characters. The tape also contains several masterforce commercials repeated every expected ad break. This tapes contents where later relased on the Matrix Disk 01 DVD released as a promo for the PS2 Transformers G1 game in Japan. All 3 episodes can be found on the blog for download.

Thats all I have just now but i might have a big update before the end of the year if all goes well :)

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